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When it comes to loudspeakers, excellent sound quality is the most important thing; when it’s accompanied by a superior design you get even more enjoyment from the music. Our loudspeakers offer both of these beautiful features. A true pleasure for the ears and the eyes. On request we also produce truly weather-resistant design loudspeakers for outdoor use - suitable even to tropical or arctic climates. 

Out of the ordinary

If your goal is to actually draw attention to your speakers rather than hide them, you could not find a more perfect product. 

We are taking loudspeaker design to the next level. Radical shapes, handcrafted enclosures, high-quality composite materials and unique styling combined with the latest innovations in acoustical engineering and the finest electronic components. As a result of many years of experience and research & development, these are probably the most amazing design loudspeakers you can find! 


Our products are individually handcrafted according to customer requirements.



to order uniquely designed loudspeakers.

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